About Simon

Company saviour, helping businesses survive and grow in the toughest times

Whether companies are fighting to survive or urgently need to accelerate growth, I’m helping them through their toughest sales and marketing challenges. I’ve developed a suite of ready-to-go answers that can be tailored to the needs of every client.

Key Achievements

  • Stickyeyes – increased turnover to £20m and built for sale valued at £40m
  • Bounty – increased multiplier (£15m to £45m) and now valued at c. £60m
  • Network Sunday – grew by 200% P/A over 2 years (c. £1m)
  • ABS: increased exit value from £1m to £15m in 24 months
  • Formac: built a UK-leading entity growing to £7m turnover in 4 years
  • eNiklas: start-up generated £2.5m revenue in Y1

How can I help you?

My techniques are based on exploiting the advantages clients already have, and unlocking growth potential they may never have considered. With my fresh pair of eyes and external view, we push past the roadblocks of fossilised habits and internal politics that decimate so many companies.

I operate under my own Simon Warman-Freed brand, as well as running IBG World and Martivia, and work with companies of all sizes and ownership from entrepreneurial and owner-managed businesses to multinationals. The strategies I developed to help businesses accelerate growth by selling faster, smarter and bigger are now proving a lifesaver to companies struggling to survive in the new economy.

As a Board Advisor I leverage my experience, especially at Ernst & Young, of helping more than 250 boards accelerate growth, go public and identify exit opportunities. Working with the E&Y Corporate Finance Team I led a £100m business unit, motivating a team of 30 partners, and was personally responsible for closing £20m in new fees and £15m from existing clients.

Today I help deliver “quick wins” and sustainable growth through tailored solutions such as:

  • Growth Predictor: measure your company’s Entrepreneurial Capability from thousands of data points then take action to ignite productivity.
  • Go-to-Market Planning: identify new directions with confidence of success.
  • Think Like a ClientTM: my revolutionary sales technique for quick wins and lasting relationships.
  • Outsourced sales and marketing to instantly make your team 10x larger for 1/10 of the cost.