Need a wise head

Imagine the value of getting your business securely on track.

Benefit from priceless advice from a wise head in a fast-paced world. For 25 years I have been running my own companies, growing other people’s SMEs from six figures to multi-millions, and in senior director roles with multinational corporates. Above all, I am still building businesses, active at the sharp end every day. Where can my sales and marketing expertise and insight take your company?

Choose from these services:

Board Advisor

As a Board Advisor I can support C-level and senior teams with their strategic and tactical business challenges, helping raise performance while safeguarding your wellbeing. Using my experience (especially at Ernst & Young) in helping more than 250 boards accelerate growth and identify exit opportunities, I will prime you with the mindset to get through these troubled times then turn “survive” into “thrive”.

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Talk to me about how I can help secure the future of your business as a Board Advisor or Non-Executive Director.

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