Need to enter a new market

Imagine the buzz of smashing a new territory or sector, or seizing market share.

The challenges can feel overwhelming, from doing the relevant research to executing the best campaign. But get it right and your new revenue stream can be transformational.

Choose from these services:

Sales & Marketing Audits / Review

Unearth fresh opportunities you have never considered, identify areas where your company excels and discover how you can improve your offer to generate more revenue. Feel empowered to secure the future of your business.

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Go-to-Market Planning

I work with your senior leaders to devise a strategic plan for new product or service launches that are both valuable and viable, so you can be confident of success.

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Bid Support

Increase your win rate and capture valuable new business.

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Sales execution

My unique approach is Think Like a Client ™ – based on the ‘client buying cycle’ rather than an internal sales process, nurturing the relationships that generate more sales. This is far better than scattergun telemarketing. Instead, it is Client-Facing Sales Support that puts you in control to hit ambitious targets.

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Marketing execution

Instantly make your team 10x larger for 1/10 of the cost: on-demand marketing services for companies with small teams but big challenges.

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Outsourced Sales

Reduce the fixed costs of permanent staff; eliminate time, energy and money spent on recruiting; all while benefitting from the skills of professionals with decades of frontline experience.

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IBG/SWF Coaching

Sales and marketing coaching to lift the performance of teams or individuals, tailored to escalating business and achieving your goals.

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