Assess your company’s likely future performance by measuring its Entrepreneurial Capability from thousands of data points – unlock areas where you have scope to grow, then galvanise your whole workforce to raise productivity by a stunning 50%.

Instantly make your team 10x larger for 1/10 of the cost: on-demand marketing services for companies with small teams but big challenges.

Go-to-Market Planning

I work with your senior leaders to devise a strategic plan for new product or service launches that are both valuable and viable, so you can be confident of success.

This will include:

  • One-to-one C-level interviews to align on a common vision
  • Sector research e.g. how are vendor and consumer strategies, spend and behaviours changing?
  • Competitor and customer feedback analysis
  • Strategy formulation including interactive workshop with senior leaders
  • Defining propositions that are both:
    • Valuable – there is evidence of a market or customers’ willingness to pay at the prices proposed
    • Viable – there is evidence that your business can produce the product/service with enough funding in place to take it to market
  • Delivery of marketing content from websites to fact sheets, social media campaigns and videos.

Combining the expertise of your senior leaders with my fresh ideas and external view, we can overcome fossilised corporate habits and internal politics holding you back.

Go-to-Market Planning provides strategic thinking to increase profits and smash new markets.

Sales & Marketing Audits / Review

Unearth opportunities you have never considered, identify areas where your business excels and discover what needs urgent improvement. Feel empowered secure the future of your business.

With my fresh eyes and external view unhampered by internal politics and “we’ve-always-done-it-this-way” mindsets, I lead an audit or full review of your current sales and marketing operations. Deploying powerful analytical and measurement tools, I bring a new perspective to your stubborn problems. We can then take things a stage further, with Go-to-Market Planning to develop value propositions and plan marketing campaigns.

You benefit from a collaborative, understanding and expert approach throughout.

Board Advisor

As a Board Advisor I can support C-level and senior teams with their strategic and tactical business challenges, helping raise performance while safeguarding your wellbeing. You will be primed with the mindset to get through these troubled times then turn “survive” into “thrive”.

My Board Advisory experience, especially at Ernst & Young, has seen me help more than 250 boards accelerate growth and identify exit opportunities. With fresh eyes and an external view, I’ll help overturn the roadblocks caused by narrow company thinking. I know that too often senior people are expected to be superhuman, but surviving the new economy can knock the stuffing out of the most talented executives. The need to be up to speed with the latest market developments and take faster and faster decisions can undermine both effective leadership and mental and physical wellbeing.

You will have the invaluable counsel of an experienced corporate player who has equally worked with and is the CEO of a large number of SME businesses. I’ve lived it all before, can guide you through difficult decisions and act as a sounding board for the new ideas that will turn your goals into reality.

This programme is run online with scheduled 1:1 video sessions.

SWF Coaching

Sales and marketing coaching programmes to lift the performance of teams or individuals, dovetailed to both the immediate and long-term needs of your business.

Delivered by my handpicked coaches, these sessions will give your people the agility and knowledge to adapt, survive then thrive in the new economy.

You can choose from topics such as:

  • Winning new business
  • Growing existing key accounts
  • Consultative selling – Think Like A Client™

And you can request bespoke sessions on anything you need to meet a specific challenge. Push through the roadblocks on your path to attaining your goals.

Sales Execution

My unique approach is Think Like a Client ™ – based on the ‘client buying cycle’ rather than an internal sales process. It delivers both quick wins and lasting relationships.

Nurturing the relationships that generate more sales, it provides a timely and personalised way to engage with prospects by integrating your sales and marketing operations.

Once you understand how your clients think, they will buy from you time and again. This is a far more powerful strategy than scattergun telemarketing. Instead, it is Client-Facing Sales Support that puts you in control to hit ambitious targets.

Outsourced Sales

Get up and running in days, reduce fixed costs and benefit from the skills of professionals with decades of frontline experience.

You can deliver vital revenue at low expense by bringing in high-calibre sales executives at less cost than a full-time in-house team. You can also call on specialist know-how and extra people when you need to relieve a pressure point.

My squad of hugely experienced sales professionals have a 30-year track record and can work alongside your existing staff for one-off projects or sustained support once you have unlocked your hidden growth.

Gain vital competitive edge through:

  • Reduced time to market: your instant sales team can hit the ground running in just a few days.
  • Reduced fixed costs: eliminate the costs of full-time sales staff and stop pouring time, energy and money into
  • Fresh point of view: different ideas, problem-solving experience and wider market insight can all have a dramatic impact when you feel you’re getting nowhere.

It’s the secret of the success you deserve.

Bid Support

Increase your win rate and capture valuable new business.

Outshine competitors by submitting compelling tenders that show you at your very best, written by specialists who know the strongest points to make and gather the evidence that proves your case. All while avoiding the expense of employing extra permanent full-time members of staff.

Give yourself the tools to gain crucial market advantage.